Pop Art Portraits

DISCLAIMER: We have absolutely no connection or authorization from the real Andy Warhol or anyone connected with him. We have to say that, because our portraits are now so accurately close to his style that they can get mistaken for the real thing. You see, after he died (over thirty years ago), we were so sad to think that nobody could ever have their portrait done like that again, that we decided to teach ourselves how to do it. We've been lovingly perfecting the technique for over ten years now, and what you can see on this website are our shared fantasies of how some of today's celebrities might look if Andy were still alive to make their portraits. However, none of the examples shown on this website are for sale.
We aren't just trying to make a popular style of art that will sell: Instead, we simply wish Andy would come back, thus our work is a homage, a resurrection, nothing more, nothing less. But you can buy your own pop art portrait here.
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Fake Movie Posters

We all want to be in the movies, but in spite of today's reality TV culture, when fame for fifteen minutes could strike at any moment, much less than one percent of us will ever actually star in a proper Hollywood blockbuster. So we've devised the next best thing: Fake movie posters with you in it.
It can be you or a loved one in the picture. Great for unique surprise gifts for friends and relatives at Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines and Weddings, for Graduation or Retirement gifts, or for a great prank at the office party, or indeed as a highly esteemed and lasting gift for serious film buffs and fans.
We can either add your face to a poster as the principal star, or add a celebrity to your photo, or mix and match the faces and names of several people on the same poster. We leave it to your imagination.
And we don't just change the faces. We can also change the movie title, and we work very hard to match or reproduce the font (style of lettering) used on the original poster, and when necessary, can make it look authentically aged.
We can also add 'the small print', ie, the names of family and friends in the list of credits, as 'Director', 'Producer', 'Photographer', 'Casting', and 'Also Starring'. So, what's your favorite movie?

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Any Photo Alteration

We are Adobe Photoshop Experts. We fix or alter anything. Restoration of old photos, damaged photos, people added to photos who weren't really there, or people taken away from photos. Head-swaps and all sorts of other trickery. Fifty years ago they used to say the camera never lied. Not any more! We can create for you the most dishonest photographs you can dream up.
And not just photos: Think of us as your all-in-one graphic design go-to solution, because we also design business logos, cards and stationary, party invitations, wedding invitations, place mats, anything photo-based that needs creating or altering, we handle it.
Follow the links to see many examples of the variety of work we have produced and are able to create for you.

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