BUY 40 X 40 inch SIZE
Pop ART portrait


Elizabeth Taylor
Actual size (40x40 inch / 101.6 cm)

This larger 40x40 inch size is the superior option, not just in size (it's enormous!) but also in additional quality. Our exact production process is secret, but we think you'll be interested to know some of what goes into a 40" ModaPopArt Portrait. The detail, and the love, may astound you…

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Not only is the 40x40 inch size the one which Warhol actually worked in, the price for this magnified size includes extra detail work of added features of authenticity which replicate actual silkscreen effects, such as brush strokes, screen fabric texture and lighting, dry pull streaks, impasto paint flourishes and ink flow artifacts, features visible at this magnified size which would not be visible (and are thus not included) in the smaller sized versions. Each commissioned portrait we make is an individual work and will include some or all of these effect features according to the artistic direction we feel led in during the period of its creation. Although actually printed flat in two dimensions as a single coat of ink onto the textured canvas surface, these added features help give the effect of the three-dimensional layers of physical paint and ink artefacts you would see in an actual silkscreen print. The pictures below show examples of these detail particulars which we add exclusively to our 40x40" portrait size:

Paint globs, scrapes and swirls:
Note the lumpy swirls on the mustard coloured backround around George's head...

George Clooney 
...and also the clear scratches in the darker mauve and brown area. Warhol often painted the backgrounds rather than silkscreen them, and then randomly smudge, scrape and scratch the still wet and thick running paint around the outline of the screened over-image.
Shown actual size below...

George Clooney

Dry Pull:
No, it doesn't mean staying sober in a singles bar. It means that if there is insufficient ink poured into the screen frame, the squeegee will leave only lighter (dryer) streaks of thin ink when pulled across the screen. Warhol didn't care about this, and in fact added such mistakes deliberately. It added to his idea that something as personal as a portrait can be mass produced as a commodity which will retain its iconic status even when imperfectly printed thousands of times over as mere product packaging such as on a supermarket carrier sack or a soup can label.

John Leguizamo

Brush Strokes:
Sometimes Warhol brushed in the facial area instead of screening it, or even if he screened it, the brush strokes from the background would show through the face colour.

Angelina Jolie

Fairly self explanatory, often seen on original canvases and carefully applied to ours by deliberate digital diligence.

President John F. and Mrs Jacqueline Kennedy - Detail

President John F. and Mrs Jacqueline Kennedy

Side Drips
Our canvas prints are 'gallery-wrapped', meaning that the printed area extends around the edge of the stretched canvvas frame. We add this effect as if the ink also dripped over the edges.

Paul Newman

Smudged Screen
This one's pretty subtle. Look carefully and compare the brown dots on the left to those on the right. Those on the left are slightly elongated, giving the effect of a loosely attached screen which slipped slightly out of alignment while the squeegee was applying the ink or when the substrate was removed after a pull, slightly smudging the printed dots in one or more places.

Vera Farmiga

Thick paint splotches:
Warhol used anything handy to throw and merge paint onto his prints, conventional artist's brushes, household paint rollers, or even touthbrushes. Here's one we did with a thick roller effect.

Carlo Verdone


...More about the 40x40 inch size:

Bobbled Edges:
See those rough 'bobbles' around the edges of the lips below? They're not a mistake: They're a very deliberate replication of a mistake and actually take quite a bit of extra time and work to add. When Warhol silkscreened hard-edged elements such as the lips and eyeshadow onto a brush-painted face, this artefact would often occur if the ink leaked out under the screen into the tiny 'valleys' left between the hairs of each brush stroke.

Michelle Hunziker

Look closely and you can also see the same effect here below, around the mauve eyeshadow. It's the kind of detail that makes the difference betwen a mere imitation, and a true homage.

Eva Green

Below are two examples of brushwork and blending of fairly thick and stiff, gloopy layers of paint...

John Leguizamo's a rugged technique used mostly on male subjects rather than on portraits of women.

Riccardo Scamarcio

Silkscreen Fabric Texture:
When we use the word 'screen', we are actually referring to two differnt things: One is the 'halftone screen', meaning the photographically produced printed image of the face made up of tiny dots, the way you see pictures printed in a newspaper under high magnification, (Warhol's chosen technique) such as seen in the black area on the right of this picture (shown at actual size). But the other 'screen' used in silkscreen printing is a very finely woven cloth through which the ink is pushed to make the print. In a real silkscreen prnt, this cloth also leaves traces of its own texture in the paint, and that is the grey background pattern that you can also see here. We add this artificially in the digital process, so that by the time you then get the actual three dimensional layer of the true canvas texture under the the printing, you end up with a highly authentic looking giclee which appears to have all the texture and artefacts of a true silkscreen print.

Beppe Fiorello

Highlight Trace Lines:
Warhol often traced the basic facial and
hair features with a soft crayon...

Ryan Gosling detail
..and added the resulting lines to another silkscreen which would be applied seperately and usually over the top of everything else, often screening it in a variety of random blended contrasting or complementary colours...

Andy Garcia

...Like Warhol, we reserve this technique mostly for men's portraits, though occasionally on women. In the example above (shown actual size), the trace lines are in yellow, highlighting the subject's hair, and you can also observe the silkscreen fabric texture mentioned earlier.

.Ryan Gosling

Now that you know what goes into one of our 40 x 40 inch portraits, you'll realise that not only do you get a bigger picture, you also get the full effect and more highly detailed accurate impact reminiscent of a hand-made silkscreened original which these added detail features combine to produce, so that at conventional viewing distance it is virtually impossible to distinguish one of our 40 x 40 inch giclee canvases from a typical silkscreen print. Were we to use the cumbersome and lengthy old photographic and silkscreen process which Warhol had to use in the 1970’s, our fee would be comparable to what he would have charged, ie, a matter of many thousands of dollars; his portrait clients comprised only the wealthy and the famous. However, today’s digital technology allows us to bring these hitherto luxury products more within reach.

There are still several days’ work involved in the production of these portraits. They are not posters, they are not disposable, they are not gimmicks. They are art. The price we charge reflects our commitment to quality, authenticity and beauty, and the discerning art lover will know when it’s time to make such an investment.

You’ll know when it’s your time to be famous, Your time to make the definitive statement of who you are, or the time to give such a portrait as a gift, because the recipient is worth it, and a face as beautiful as theirs needs to be seen and glorified, large, loud and proud in true retro style from the golden years of pop art, hanging in pride of place in the home where love and life come together to make legend. We don’t just make you pop, we make you beautiful.

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Step 1. Just EMAIL us a photograph to work from, together with your colour preferences and any other comments.

Step 2. We'll reply to confirm the price, and discuss any specific requirements.

Step 3. We make the picture and email you a miniature preview.

Step 4. You confirm you're happy with the preview, then pay us through a PayPal invoice that we send you.

As soon as we receive payment, we print and ship you the full-size finished printed picture.


Ask us anything you like,
we'll get back to you.

BUY 20 X 20 inch SIZE
Pop ART portrait


20 inchers in situ
Actual size (20x20 inch / 50 cm)

To suit any budget, not only does the smaller 20x20 inch version bring a commissioned canvas pop art portrait even more within reach, it also offers more flexible possibilities for hanging and display. Our 20x20s will fit into homes where available wall space may be limited, and better complement the scale of the living space.

Not only that, these smaller canvases present an affordable and fun opportunity of multiple different colour combinations
of the same portrait:

Michael Jackson - Blue Two

George Clooney

...experiment with different hanging arrangements, or even allow each member of an entire family to have their own individual portrait. And of course, they’re great for gifts: Because they’re smaller, they’re portable and easy to gift-wrap, hide and surprise with!

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Our portraits in both sizes come gallery wrapped onto stretchers and ready to hang. We strive to provide you with a top quality product, printing using fade-resistant, pigment-based archival-type inks with water-resistant protective finish.

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The artist Adam Nixon is an Englishman based in Rome, Italy, historically one of our globe's centres of cultural beauty and art, a city bathed in the colossal vulgarities of Roman excess, ancient and modern. The heat of eternal sunshine and Mediterranean romance are the twin engines which drive his creative juices...

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showing many more examples...



We respect intellectual property.
We invite only new private commissions, or create work for our personal pleasure and amusement. It is virtually impossible to trace original copyright, especially for old photographs, therefore, we warmly invite any genuine and verifiable copyright owners or celebrity subjects of photographs on this website to contact us, upon which, firstly, we will be happy, on request, to remove said photos, or secondly, to credit you as the named original photographer and seek a mutually agreeable arrangement for the picture's use. Speaking as a proverbial 'starving artist in a garret', it is not our intention to exploit any other starving artist. On the contrary, in a spirit of co-operation, we hope that our showcasing of your early work might even be beneficial to you.
Respectfully and in good faith,
Adam Nixon


Do you have any connection with the real Andy Warhol?

ANSWER: No, none at all. We have absolutely no connection, license or authorization from the real Andy Warhol or His Executors, or The Warhol Foundation. If you require a portrait in this style, Mr Warhol unfortunately is unable to do that for you because he died in 1987. That is why we exist: We were very upset that because he had died, there could never be any more portraits in this style, so we taught ourselves how to do it in his absence. We're still learning, but a portrait made by us is as close you are likely to get to the real thing. We are not forgers or frauders. We are fakers. We only use the words 'Andy' and 'Warhol' as adjectives to describe our influences, and to express the fact that we (as probably you are too) are lifelong fans of his work.

How do I order?

Step 1. Just EMAIL us a photograph to work from, together with your colour preferences and any other comments.

Step 2. We'll reply to confirm the price, and discuss any specific requirements.

Step 3. We make the picture and email you a miniature preview.

Step 4. You confirm you're happy with the preview, then pay us through a PayPal invoice that we send you.
As soon as we receive payment, we print and ship you the full-size finished printed picture.

(NOTE: All of these FAQs refer chiefly to our Pop Art Portrait service, but also apply equally to our Photo Alteration and Movie Poster services.)

Question 2: Can I choose colours?
ANSWER: Yes, certainly – That’s all part of the fun! Click HERE for a colour swatch to help you do this. For technical reasons, the precise colour shades cannot always be matched exactly, but the swatch helps you visualise what you may have in mind regarding colour. You can also use the swatch in reverse – ie, tell us any colours that you or the recipient of the portrait definitely will NOT want. Sometimes that’s easier than picking favourite colours… Just eliminate the colours you don’t like, and we’ll work with what’s left. You don’t have to choose your own colours though, and if you don’t, we’ll choose them for you. Actually, whatever colours you choose, we will probably mute them a bit, because, if you've ever seen an original Warhol in an art gallery or somewhere, you'll notice that the actual colours on Warhol's original portraits were in fact a lot less loud and bright than people popularly think they are.

Question 3: How long does an order take?
ANSWER: There is a waiting list for our increasingly sought-after portraits. Normally, for stretched canvas prints, turnaround time is about 28 working days from the time we agree on a photograph to use, or about 18 working days for un-stretched canvas or paper prints, sometimes less, depending how busy we are. If you are in a hurry, for an additional optional Rush Fee of £45 we can fast-track your order to the front of the queue, which can bring your delivery about a week to ten days sooner, though we cannot guarantee delivery by a specific date even if a rush fee has been paid, as here again it depends relatively on how busy with orders we are overall at that time. Also note that hold-ups beyond our control can of course occur in delivery, near or far. We will certainly do our best for you though. Overall, remember that our portraits are individual works of art, not produced automatically, and for best results, the creative process can't be rushed. Even if our work took a year, (it doesn't of course, but if it did) I promise you, it would be worth the wait.

Question 4: (IMPORTANT) How will my portrait be delivered?
ANSWER: Our pictures require a signature from the recipient on delivery. Give a thought to where you want it delivered – Many clients decide on delivery to their place of work. Courier companies often cover themselves by stating that the customer received the goods in good condition. Unless you can unwrap the package and check it before signing for it, (and the unwrapping should not be rushed because careless unwrapping can damage the product) please sign the package, but either cross out the part of the form that says 'received in good condition' or sign it and write 'not checked' against your signature. Most courier companies do not deliver on Saturdays. If you are not around when the delivery person calls, they will leave a card to say they called and will attempt delivery the following day. (If this is a Friday, the second delivery attempt will be the following Monday). Please contact the number on the card to arrange a re-delivery. Please note, the delivery company will make two attempts to deliver and then will return the goods to the shipper. You may incur extra charges if they have to send the order out to you again.

Question 5: I haven’t chosen a photograph to ‘pop art’ yet – Will any photo do?
ANSWER: Not any photo will do. Photos must be BIG enough, BRIGHT enough, SHARP enough and SIMPLE enough. To clarify:
BIG enough: Photos at passport size or smaller are generally too small. Photos taken with cheaper or older mobile phones are generally too small, but should be okay if from one of the newer smartphones. Group photos where only one person from the group is to be cut out and used are generally too small. If you are sending a photo taken with a digital camera, then your camera should be on at least its medium or medium-to-high quality setting, or higher. Low quality or small-size setting does not usually give big enough or sharp enough pictures. The photo should be of just head and shoulders of the person to be in the portrait. If it’s a full-length shot of the person, the head will be too small to use. If you are scanning an old photo or negative to send to us, you should ideally scan it at not less than 180 dpi. Unless you are an expert scanner, do not worry about adjusting tone and contrast etc when you scan. We will do all that for you. If in doubt, just scan it on the ‘automatic’ setting. Try to avoid scanning the whole scanning area (ie a small photograph on a big white background). Only select the photo itself as your scanning area. Try to avoid saving scans as .pdf files. Save them as JPEG (preferably) or BMP. If emailing us more than two photos, please attach each to a separate email.
BRIGHT enough: Dark photos, or dull photos taken without flash, or photos taken outside where shadows fall across the face (such as the shadows of a tree branch or the shadow of a person standing nearby) are no good. Warhol photographed his portrait subjects specially for the purpose with a simple camera, using flash and the person standing looking head-on in front of a white background. Sounds boring, but in fact this gives the very best result. If possible, photograph the person specially for their pop art portrait using the same method – Flash, a white or light background, and the person looking straight at the camera. Don’t worry about ‘redeye’ – We fix that.
SHARP enough: Photos out of focus, blurry or grainy, are no good. Very old photos are also often no good. Camera technology has increased tremendously in the past twenty years, and especially since the digital boom at the start of this millennium – A cheap camera today can produce pictures almost as good as an expensive professional camera, especially in the right hands, whereas most pictures taken with a cheap old ‘instamatic’ style point-and-shoot camera from the 1980’s or earlier are generally not of clear enough quality to be able to produce an effective pop art portrait from. Even expertly-taken photos can fade and blur with age if they haven’t been looked after. Therefore, the sharper, clearer, and newer your photo is, the better.
SIMPLE enough: ‘Candid’ shots, that is to say, pictures of people laughing and looning around at parties and picnics are not really suitable. Three reasons for this
a) They’re often not in focus, because of the carefree activity of the moment.
b) They’re often taken with mobile phones, which as we’ve said, do not always provide large enough resolutions to be sharp enough when enlarged to the necessary size for a pop art portrait, and
c) Warhol almost never did a smiling portrait. Ninety-nine percent of his portraits have closed, pouty lips and serious faces. It’s true that many of the portraits in our own website gallery are smiling, but this is only because smiling photos are all the clients had. But for genuine authenticity, portraits should be calmly and officially posed and unsmiling. Check out Warhol's work yourself,
Passport photos are ideal, but as we’ve said, these are generally too small, however when having an official passport photo taken (by a photographer or in one of those automated photo-booths) you can opt to have a large version printed as well. This is the one we need. Colour or black-and-white? Doesn’t matter.

Question 6: How good are your pop art portraits? Your prices are competitive, but it’s still a serious amount of money - Are they really close to the authentic style?
ANSWER: Absolutely. We’ve studied the work of the original pop art masters. You’ll often find us in art galleries with our noses two inches from the canvases trying to figure out how the original artists did it! We don’t claim equality of talent with the Great Master, and we don’t have the technique perfect yet – But we’re close. Very close... And it’s because we care so much about attention to detail and recreating the technique, that our portraits have a ‘depth’ and sensitivity and quality that you won’t find elsewhere. To some people, pop art portraits are just a craze, this year’s fashion in home decor, a passing bandwagon to jump on and exploit. But to us, it’s a lifetime passion, a mission, to try to recreate what can never be created again by the original guy, and to give 21st century people a chance to own something closely resembling 20th century art, from the golden age of pop art, when the streets of Manhattan and the glittering discos were filled with beauty and fame that thought it would live forever. Owning a pop art portrait made by ModaPopArt is like owning a little piece of that exotic past. And it’s worth every cent. Because he worked before computers were invented, Andy used a traditional mechanical printing method called silk-screening, which was time-consuming and expensive. We recreate the effects of that process using computers and today's giclée inkjet printing technology, allowing us to bring you this art much more affordably. Indeed, the Master himself often embraced new technology and put it to use in his art. Pictured below in the 1980's not long before his death, he is seen with post-punk musician and New York socialite Debbie Harry experimenting with the Amiga computer, thus it is highly likely that were he still alive today he would be creating his portraits on computer, just like we are doing.

Question 7: Can I see a proof (preview) of the picture before you send it?
ANSWER: Yes, certainly. In fact it's our standard practice. Our price includes a proofing/preview service. That is to say, we won't print and send you the final picture until you are happy with it, so as soon as the initial design work is done, we email you a miniature proof/preview to approve before you commit to printing. After you've seen the proof/preview, you'll have the opportunity to ask for colour changes or minor changes in detail, we'll then make all possible changes and then email you another final miniature proof/preview. Note, however, that we do not produce free trial versions of work 'on approval' at no charge (that's a different matter from proofing - 'Trials' and 'Proofs' are not the same thing, and are not be confused with each other). We don't do trials, but we always send you a preview. Read more about this below in questions 8 to 16, which fully explain the ordering and design process and our proofing and correction policy.

Question 8: Can I ask for changes in the picture after seeing the preview?
ANSWER: Certainly, Yes. The design is dictated by your photograph, so is not completely flexible, but we can change colours and minor details and are happy to do so. That is the purpose of the proof/preview. Then we send you a second preview to check before final printing. Although the final look of the picture is at the creative discretion of the artist (it is after all what you're paying us for), we do encourage you to have choice and creative input. Read all of Questions 7 to 16 which fully explain the ordering and design process and our proofing and correction policy.

Question 9. Can I see a trial version, or some sort of mock-up first, WITHOUT PAYING ANYTHING?
ANSWER: Yes. There is no need to pay in advance. There is nothing you need to pay until you are satisfied with the miniature proof-preview we email you. After we email you the miniature proof-preview YOU CAN ASK FOR CHANGES regarding colour and minor details (see questions 7 and 8 above). BUT, WE DO NOT PRODUCE WORK AT NO CHARGE. You cannot order a picture from us and then not pay. We will make up to three different-colored sequential RE-designs for you to choose from until you are satisfied, and then you must pay before we print the design. Even if you reject the design after three re-colorings, you must still pay. In the case of a finally rejected design, we will email you the final artwork for you to keep, and charge you the design cost but not the print cost. Historically, this has never happened though. Our clients have always loved the first design, and bought the print. We have never had a dissatisfied customer. We strive to make you happy. Read all of Questions 7 to 16 which fully explain the ordering and design process and our proofing and correction policy.

Question 10: How many times at most can I ask for the proof/preview to be changed until it's how I like it?
ANSWER: If you decide you don't like your first choice of colours after seeing the first proof-preview, you can ask to see the picture in different colour combinations. You can change your mind up to three times. Read all of Questions 7 to 16 which fully explain the ordering and design process and our proofing and correction policy.

Question 11: Will the colours I see in the proof/preview you email me match the colours in the finished print?
ANSWER: Generally, though not always exactly. But close enough. It's the same reason that the same painting can look different when hung in different art galleries or shown in books. For technical reasons well known in the printing industry and the art world, the exact shades or lightness or darkness of colours in our swatch that you see on your computer cannot be guaranteed to be matched precisely in the final print, nor will the colours displayed in the proof/preview we send you necessarily be perfectly matched in the final print. We strive on your behalf for faithful colour matching throughout the printing process, however, it chiefly has to do with the way your own computer screen displays contrast and colour in comparison to how ours is set up, and on the different manufacturers of computers, screens, phones and tablets. Everybody's computer screen looks different, so the colors you see on your computer or device are not the same shades as what we see on our computers here. This is normal. Think of it as like hearing your favourite song played back on different soundsystems, computers or phones:  The sound may differ depending on the device that's playing it and on the different qualities of earphones or speakers, but the tune is still recognisable and just as enjoyable. Our colour swatch contains the basic spectrum of the typical sort of colours historically used in pop art, and gives us a good enough approximation of your colour preferences for the purpose. You can also use the swatch in reverse – ie, tell us any colours that you or the recipient of the portrait definitely will NOT want. Sometimes that’s easier than picking favourite colours… (see question 2 above) So try it both ways. Read all of Questions 7 to 16 which fully explain the ordering and design process and our proofing and correction policy.

Question 12: Can I start by seeing multiple different versions of a portrait at the proof/preview stage to choose one favourite from?
SHORT ANSWER: NO... But we WILL make you different colored versions to preview one at a time if you are unhappy with the first design we present to you. The service we offer is wonderfully good value (see question 15 below) but we'd have to put our prices up to cover the increased chargeable labour time that would be involved if every client wanted to immediately see four different completed versions of a portrait before deciding. Each different coloured version takes a few hours to make, it is NOT an automated process, so it also isn't fair to keep other clients waiting while we prepare extra versions that wouldn't be needed anyway. But if you decide you don't like your first choice of colours after seeing the first proof-preview, you can ask to see the picture in different colour combinations. You can change your mind up to three times.
SLIGHTLY LONGER ANSWER: Truthfully, seeing multiple versions isn't necessary - You are probably better at choosing colours than you think you are - Just go with your instincts - We allow you to choose up to four or five different colours as ingredients in one picture anyway (see our colour-choice swatch here) - And besides, if the picture is a gift for someone else, you can't always be sure they wouldn't have liked the colours you rejected. If still in doubt, the best solution is to order one of our 2Up, 4Up or 9Up versions, in which we can incorporate all the extra second-choice colours you want. Read all of Questions 7 to 16 which fully explain the ordering and design process and our proofing and correction policy.

Question 13: If I still don't like the picture after seeing the preview, even after changes, can I cancel the order with nothing to pay?
ANSWER: Sorry, No. A payment is due even if you reject the preview, because you have commissioned a work of art from us which takes a considerable amount of time to produce. However, we don't ask for the full order amount if you don't want us to go as far as actually printing the finished picture. For a rejected order, we email you the digital artwork file alone and charge only for the design cost, but not the printing cost. But the good news is that you are in fact highly unlikely to be disappointed - We've never had an order turned down yet - Most people are absolutely delighted with the first or second preview and immediately instruct us to print and send the full-size version. Read all of Questions 7 to 16 which fully explain the ordering and design process and our proofing and correction policy.

Question 14. (IMPORTANT) Does ordering a picture from you commit me to paying?
ANSWER: Yes. A payment is due even if you reject the proof/preview, because you have commissioned a work of art from us which takes a considerable amount of time to produce. However, we don't ask for the full order amount if you don't want us to go as far as actually printing the finished picture. For a rejected order, we email you the digital artwork file alone and charge only for the design cost but not the printing cost. But the good news is that you are in fact highly unlikely to be disappointed - We've never had an order turned down yet - Most people are absolutely delighted with the first or second preview and immediately instruct us to print and send the full-size version. Read all of Questions 7 to 16 which fully explain the ordering and design process and our proofing and correction policy.

Question 15: Why do you make a charge even if I reject the design after seeing the proof/preview?
SHORT ANSWER: Because the proof/preview we send you is not merely some quick artificial mock-up, but is in fact a screenshot of the finished work, and that finished work will have taken several hours or days of labour to produce. You can ask for up to three changes of colour or slight changes to the design, but if you still reject the design, we then email you the finished digital design file to keep, and you must pay for it, a reduced fee that does not of course include printing costs. LONG ANSWER: Our work is produced to a very high standard, and although it's an efficiently fast digital process, it is still produced 'by hand' (hand on mouse!) and takes several hours or sometimes days to produce. The proof/preview we send you is a miniature image of the full finished version. There is simply no other way to show you a proof of the finished version other than actually producing a finished version... Because, logically, doing only half a job would not show you the full picture. It's like ordering a tailored suit of clothes - We can't show you the suit without actually making it, and the making of it costs labour time which cannot be recouped. Therefore, we think it's right that even if you never order a final print, the labour we have put into the design should be paid for, at least partially. We do it this way instead of making you pay a non-returnable deposit up front. It's more trusting. Commissioning original art is a commitment, and we encourage clients to honour this concept. Therefore, in compensation, and to protect the honour of the artistic profession from a minority who may seek to defraud it, we believe it's reasonable to ask a percentage of the agreed price in the event of cancellation. However, it's actually highly unlikely that you will cancel. We've never had an order cancelled yet - Most people are absolutely delighted with the first or second proof and immediately instruct us to proceed to print and send the full size version. At the prices we charge for our work, it is a marvellous bargain. As the copyright owners of the artwork we create, we reserve the right to use our artwork for promotional purposes, exhibition, resale or samples. We trust our clients to honour the generosity of spirit with which we create these top quality portraits for you at such affordable prices. Read all of Questions 7 to 16 which fully explain the ordering and design process and our proofing and correction policy.

Question 16: Can you force me to pay for a rejected proof?
SHORT ANSWER: Most probably not. Besides, we're based in Italy, so our reach doesn't extend very far. However, my father-in-law is Sicilian, so perhaps it's best not to test that theory. But we figure that if you're into ordering works of art, you're probably basically a very nice person with an artistic sensitivity, as opposed to a criminal cheapskate. And in fact, we've never had a firm order turned down yet! 99.9 percent of people are absolutely delighted with the first or second proof and immediately instruct us to proceed to print and send the full size version. So it's unlikely to ever get as far as us needing to send Luca Brasi over to persuade you that either your brains or your electronic signature will be on the PayPal form. Trust us, and we'll trust you.
SLIGHTLY LONGER ANSWER: As Spike Lee said, 'Do the right thing'. This is a classy product, and believe me, even our bad stuff is good, and worth your money. You're paying for originality, effort, time, inspiration, and heart. Also remember that Warhol charged as much as forty thousand dollars for a portrait - In comparison with his prices, ours are almost free. On an Excel pie-chart showing his prices compared to ours, our prices wouldn't even show up. Modern technology allows us to print the pictures cheaper for you: We wouldn't claim to match his talent, but the creative effort and attention to detail which goes into our work is the same as for any artist. So be a sport, and pay up… please.
Read all of Questions 7 to 16 which fully explain the ordering and design process and our proofing and correction policy.

Question 17: I’ve emailed you at least twice and you’ve never responded. Why not?
ANSWER: Fortunately this happens only very occasionally – The reason is that some email servers in the world mistakenly filter out email from some Italian-based mail servers such as ours as spam – We DO respond to everybody, but not everybody receives our email – It’s very embarrassing for us because it makes us look as if we don’t care, but we most certainly do. There are two ways to fix this – a) Try emailing us from another email address (ie, from a different ISP), and/or b) Be sure to white-list and/or add "" or the cover-all "" to your email address book. Try both methods.

Question 18: What if my picture arrives damaged?
ANSWER: If a package arrives irreparably or significantly damaged or faulty, you must inform us within 48 hours after receipt of the product. Please do not return the product, but inform us first. Products returned to us without prior written or verbal notification or authorization will not be accepted. If we are not notified within 48 hours, it will be assumed that the shipment arrived complete and undamaged and was deemed satisfactory. We assume no liability beyond 48 hours. If you therefore receive a damaged or defective shipment, please immediately contact All damaged packages shipped via special courier must be inspected by the courier themselves actually on your premises before a valid restitution claim can be made. After you contact us, we will notify the courier concerned and they will come to your location to inspect the damaged package. Please note that if: a) the product is not retained with the original shipping carton, or b) the package is shipped back to us or to any other destination before the courier concerned inspects the damage, eligibility for compensation is voided.

Question 19: What if I am not satisfied with the printed picture when it arrives? If I return it, can I get a full refund, or decide not to pay?
SHORT ANSWER: Sorry, but NO...  Our proof/preview process allows ample opportunity for clients to change something or cancel the order before we print. Although we do offer a reprint service for pictures arriving damaged, we do NOT make full refunds on the basis of dissatisfaction with the artwork itself, nor on the basis of differences between colour shades in the proof and the final print.
LONG ANSWER: The proof/preview is sufficiently representational of the final print. We conscientiously put our creative heart into every picture we produce for you, and even if final printed colour shades differ somewhat from the preview, the overall effect of the final printed work is stunning, (especially after hanging) and will generally be as seen in the proof/preview which you approved before we printed it. We have actually never had a dissatisfied customer wanting to return a print. More reasons for this are given in question 15. To recap, our service offers jaw-dropping value – We make original art closely replicating the technique of the original 1960's pop art artists, yet at a fraction of the price, because we use the modern technology of giclée inkjet printing instead of silkscreening, enabling you to now own original art such as this for a fraction of the price it would have cost years ago before the computer age. Additionally, in order to keep our prices down for you, we have to put some sensible limit on concessions such as refunds. A conventional portrait painter using real brush and paint would charge at least five times our prices, and Andy W. himself charged about three hundred times our prices. Compared to this, our work is so well worth the extremely modest charge we make for it that we consider a request for a refund for reasons other than damaged goods to be ethically inappropriate.
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Terms & Conditions and Privacy

The following are our terms & conditions.
Please read these terms & conditions carefully before ordering any products from us. You should understand that by ordering any of our products, you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions. By placing an order at ModaPopArt, you warrant that you are at least 18 years old (or have parents' permission to buy from us) and accept these terms & conditions which shall apply to all orders placed or to be placed at ModaPopArt for the sale and supply of any products. None of these terms & conditions affect your statutory rights. No other terms or changes to the terms & conditions shall be binding unless agreed in writing signed by us.
Privacy & Personal Information: All personal information you provide us with or that we obtain will be handled by ModaPopArt as responsible for the personal information. The personal information you provide will be used to ensure deliveries to you, the credit assessment, and to provide offers and information on our catalogue to you. The information you provide is only available to ModaPopArt and Tictail, and will not be shared with other third parties. You have the right to inspect the information held about you. You always have the right to request ModaPopArt to delete or correct the information held about you. By accepting the ModaPopArt Conditions, you agree to the above.
Force Majeure: Events outside ModaPopArt's control, which are not reasonably foreseeable, shall be considered force majeure, meaning that ModaPopArt is released from ModaPopArt's obligations to fulfil contractual agreements. Examples of such events are government action or omission, new or amended legislation, conflict, embargo, fire or flood, sabotage, accident, war, natural disasters, strikes or lack of delivery from suppliers. The force majeure also includes government decisions that affect the market negatively, and products, for example, restrictions, warnings, ban, etc.
Payment: All products remain ModaPopArt's property until full payment is made. The price applicable is that set at the date on which you place your order. Shipping costs and payment fees are recognized before confirming the purchase. If you are under 18 years old, you must have parents' permission to buy from ModaPopArt. All transfers conducted through ModaPopArt are handled and transacted through third party dedicated gateways to guarantee your protection. Card information is not stored, and all card information is handled over SSL encryption. Please read the terms & conditions for the payment gateway chosen for the transaction as they are responsible for the transactions made.
Local Taxes: Please note that local charges (sales tax, customs duty) may occur, depending on your region and local customs duties. These charges are at the customers own expense.
Cookies: ModaPopArt uses cookies according to the new Electronic Communications Act, which came into force on 25 July 2003. A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer which contains information that helps the website to identify and track the visitor. Cookies do no harm to your computer, consist only of text, cannot contain viruses, and occupy virtually no space on your hard drive. There are two types of cookies: "Session Cookies", and cookies that are saved permanently on your computer. The first type of cookie commonly used is "Session Cookies". During the time you visit the website, our web server assigns your browser a unique identifier string so as not to confuse you with other visitors. A "Session Cookie" is never stored permanently on your computer and disappears when you close your browser. To use ModaPopArt without difficulties you need to have cookies enabled. The second type of cookie saves a file permanently on your computer. This type of cookie is used to track how visitors move around on the website. This is only used to offer visitors better services and support. The text files can be deleted. On ModaPopArt we use this type of cookie to keep track of your shopping cart and to keep statistics of our visitors. The information stored on your computer is only a unique number, without any connection to personal information.
Intellectual Property: You the customer certify that you are the rightful copyright owner of any photographs, pictures or visual material supplied to us by you, or are otherwise authorised to use them. ModaPopArt accepts no responsibility for actions arising from use of copyrighted material. Photographs are personal and often private, and humour and satire may sometimes be unintentionally misconstrued as malice or libel: You the customer should therefore be careful in the use of photographs of yourself or other people, and think carefully before supplying them to ModaPopArt for manipulation and/or inclusion in the artwork we create for you. You agree to indemnify ModaPopArt against all actions resulting from use of said photographs and artwork, and accept all responsibility for their use. Promotional display: ModaPopArt reserves the right, for promotional purposes, to reproduce and display copies and examples of our work derived from photographs and visual material you have sent us, on our website or elsewhere, at any time, unless you instruct us in writing not to so use such material. In the event of you commissioning work from us intended as a surprise gift for a third party, we shall of course not display the work on our website until after the event of the presentation of the gift (so as not to spoil the surprise for the recipient). We also reserve the right not to display any item of our work on the website, and to add or remove work from display without notice, apart from work already requested not to be displayed, as described above.
Additional Information: ModaPopArt reserves the right to amend any information, including but not limited to prices, technical specifications, terms of purchase and product offerings without prior notice. In the event of a product being sold out or otherwise unavailable, ModaPopArt has the right to cancel the order and refund any amount paid in the best way. ModaPopArt shall also notify the customer of equivalent replacement products if available. Tictail AB is not responsible for any content, interactions or transfers made on
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Returns Policy

Our returns policy in short:
Contact ModaPopArt before returning any items.
WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS, NOR MAKE REFUNDS for any other reason than that the item has arrived damaged: This is because during the creation process of the pictures we make for you, ample opportunity is provided for feedback and input from you. We do not print and send your picture until after you have seen and approved a digital preview-proof (sent to you by email) of the finished pre-printed work. Your approval of this digital preview-proof marks your legal acceptance of the printed product when it arrives. However, in the event of an item arriving damaged and sufficiently proved to have been damaged in transit, we will print and ship a replacement to you free of charge, but we do not refund any item. If a package is unclaimed, you might have to pay a handling fee.
RETURN POLICY: Please contact ModaPopArt before returning any items. It is appropriate that the consumer checks the delivery to verify that it is accurate and error free. In the event of complaint, the customer should contact ModaPopArt and give information relevant and the reason for complaint. DO NOT RETURN A PRODUCT. ModaPopArt is NOT responsible for any unauthorised return of an item. Any charges so incurred are the responsibility of the customer
Transport Damage: If the product is lost, or you, upon receiving, notice that the item has been damaged during transport, you should immediately report this to us. DO NOT return the item to us before you have contacted and heard back from us. You must retain all packaging, as a representative of the shipping agents may need to call on you to inspect the package for liability claims.
Unclaimed Packages: For packages that are not cashed at your post office within 14 days, ModaPopArt reserves the right to charge you a handling fee to cover return shipping and freight companies' administrative costs.
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